25th July

8pm (Japan Time)

Greetings from Japan, 


"People love this message because they touch the purity. All things melt into everything when you meet love. Nothing can compare to this. 

This is the calling to what you already know. When you touch this indescribable message, you can't stop; you may turn from it for a moment, but inevitably you return and that is because something knows this. There is a resonance. You find out there is no separation through the resonating.  

When life is as it is, there is total freedom, total relaxation." 


We wanted to thank you all for your interest and participation in Naho's last online live zoom meeting. And, to all of the newest members, welcome to our Newsletter! We're so happy that you have joined with us in a most beautiful non-dual message.


We are very happy to announce our next exclusive online zoom, private event/webinar, so please, mark your calendar for Saturday 25th July at 8PM Japan Time.


If this is your first time with us, we would like to introduce you to how Naho's meetings are given. 



"Unconditional love is the only thing you are longing for because it does not exist in the human reality. 

Unconditional love is always already here. 

You don't have to go anywhere, you don't have to do anything. 

It's calling you to wake up from your personal dream." 



"When the message begins to be heard, the apparent dissolving-deconstruction happens to an apparent ‘me’, effortlessly.  

Change, when it seemingly happens, happens naturally without anybody's effort. It is an energetic happening, apparently on its own." 



"This is the end of the one who knows. I am not giving you a meaning. I am not giving you anything to understand. 

What I am pointing to is another possibility of another reality which has no separate knower. " 




The past event reached its capacity of participants quite quickly, so if you have not yet attended one of her talks, we recommend registering as soon as possible because seats are limited to 100 people.  You can sign up here:



Again, we thank you for your interest and look forward to any questions you may have for Naho, as she is very happy to share. 

Quotes taken from Naho's book, Between the Lines

How to JOIN this Online Satsang 


Please read the instructions below



1. To participate in the live, online talk on the 25h of June (8PM Japan time), please register at this link  (Please not that the link of the meeting room will be sent to you after approval)


2.  After registering you will be receiving an email which prompts you to the link in the online meeting room.


3.  Please click on this link at the time of the Satsang and wait. Naho will appear on the screen.



Naho will start talking first and then you can feel free to ask her questions. She will answer the questions from the people who will ask to speak with her.


Please note that if you decide to talk live with Naho, you could appear on the screen. If you do not want to appear, please disable your video by yourself.


In asking questions, you give your agreement that a part of the video could be uploaded on the Internet. 


Each participant can join the satsang with only one device to save room for others. 


No video will be sent later, so please register only if you can join live.


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