Online Retreat

12nd & 13rd December 2020

Hello Friends,


We are happy to announce that after several months of sharing this pure message and living in Japan, Naho is coming back to Paris. 

Many of you have been writing in and asking when Naho will get back on the English circuit and we are happy to share that it is happening. 


Coming up in December, Naho is going to give her first online retreat in English: 


Naho's First Online Retreat

Saturday, December 12 and Sunday, December 13, 2020


We're coming into the holiday season, which for many can be a time of added stress, a great time to  join this online retreat for a most lovely time. 


This retreat is a great way of connecting deeply to the message that is being shared. It's a great opportunity to fully immerse and (as many write us about) feel a melting and deep relaxation! 


This sharing online is a perfect opportunity for all of you who are interested in having a private session with Naho. You will come to recognize the unique energetic sharing that happens and have a better idea about the many misunderstandings in non-duality and life in general. 


During this retreat, you will have all the time that you need to ask all of your questions to Naho. 

And as many have repeated over and over, "It makes you fall deeply in Love." 


During this online retreat, Naho will be addressing the many seeming traps that seem to happen along the seeming way. As Naho has said, "It is very easy to see the me character when it is no longer there!" One of her topics of discussion will be on how the character cannot stop to admit that which was before that is not present now. 


This message is a beautiful pointing to the reality of what is, (non-duality). This message will explain, in detail, the spontaneousness of Naho the character and how it is not touched or moved by things which occur. This message will explain the true nature of all and how we are all this true nature. After this retreat you will have a much better understanding and be touched by the joy and touched the love that is. 


We are happy to organize this online retreat where each participant can interact together between each break. It will create a nice atmosphere and link all the participants who have the same interest in this message. In sharing together it will allow you to express yourself and share your ideas. 


If this retreat touches you, if you want to hear a pure message about non-duality, we really encourage you to join this retreat. 


Come! And experience what is, that already is. It is sure to be life changing as many have proclaimed in participating with Naho and this message. 

The participation fees for the full 2 days retreat is : 85Euros

You will also have the ability to replay/watch after the retreat if you can not join live or if you want to watch again and again. 


Please join this retreat, it has been created for you!

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