7th June

8pm (Japan Time)

Hello All

Hello All!

To all of the newest members, welcome to our Newsletter! We're so happy that you have joined with us in the non-dual message of Naho Owada.  


To all of our longstanding members, a warm thank you for your participation and lovely energy in Naho's first time talk in English.  The responses that we received after the talk were very welcomed and we urge you all to write to us.  Many of you have asked if we are going to be having an event again and our response is "yes!" 


We are very happy to announce our next exclusive  online event/webinar, so please, mark your calendar for June 7th, at 8 P.M.(Japan time)


The past event reached its capacity of participants quite quickly, so if you have not yet attended one of her talks, we recommend registering as soon as possible because seats are limited to 100 people. 


During this event, Naho will be open to your questions. We invite you to come and enjoy this special time so that you may talk with her and touch deeply, this message. If you raised your hand and wanted to ask a question in the last webinar but time did not allow for it, please, try again this time. She will do her best to answer all of your questions.


**Please note that all of her talks will be given in an event and not online. **


Naho shares a pure non-dual message that has mostly been with the Japanese people, but during this sensitive time, Naho has begun sharing with the English speaking people who would love the opportunity to meet her live. 


This meeting is created especially for those of you who are registered in her newsletter. So please, encourage your friends to register, as the emails that are coming in are proving the message to be energetically authentic and very helpful to the awakening community. The messages sent to Naho have a very similar context, as they conclude that during the meeting there is an energy and that energy permeates during the talk and lasts, sometimes permanently and sometimes more than a few days. The result? Various changes that seem to give a relaxed energy and a more open way of being. It is because of this that she is so happy to share. This is not just a talk, but an energy (love) that permeates. 


Sharing with friends is again, encouraged, and a beautiful way of giving what we receive.  The more that it is shared, the more there will be the possibility that Naho will visit in the future to a community near you! 


We invite you to register today. Don't miss this pure message from the beautiful energy of Naho, as the message shares simply, the very nature of non-duality which is very powerful and defies illusion. This feeling can only be called love. 


(Naho is in Japan and will share in Japanese until September.) 



 “There is only Love.”

Naho Owada



In joining Naho's event, you will get an idea of how Naho shares this message, how you feel after touching it, and why the Japanese appreciate her so much. 


Please join us. It has been planned for you!


How to JOIN this Online Satsang 


Please read the instructions below



1. To participate in the live, online talk on the 7th of June (8PM Japan time), please register at this link  (Please not that the link of the meeting room will be sent to you after approval)


2.  After registering you will be receiving an email which prompts you to the link in the online meeting room.


3.  Please click on this link at the time of the Satsang and wait. Naho will appear on the screen.



Naho will start talking first and then you can feel free to ask her questions. She will answer the questions from the people who will ask to speak with her.


Please note that if you decide to talk live with Naho, you could appear on the screen. If you do not want to appear, please disable your video by yourself.


In asking questions, you give your agreement that a part of the video could be uploaded on the Internet. 


Each participant can join the satsang with only one device to save room for others. 


No video will be sent later, so please register only if you can join live.


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To book a Private session or to get any information, please send me an email.

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