Pure nonduality is a revolutionary message that is rare when it is heard. When there is a resonance it simply cannot be ignored and inevitably one returns.

This is not about becoming a better person or having a better life. No matter your story, the me, or self center can fall away at any time.

This is the calling from love to come home.

Naho shares a message of love and purity that will leave you with a clarity that many describe as feeling so relaxed and at home.

Naho's message is truly that of pure non-duality, and will leave you with a better understanding as well.

As she says, one may read thousands of books on non-duality and yet still not have an understanding. It is by and through hearing the direct message with Naho, in purity and love, that non-duality will dawn upon you, and you will know it to be what you have always known as home, as relaxed-- as natural.
Often, in Naho's talks, the lovely energy spreads in the room and the participants often fall into a deep relaxation.