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Talking to Naho feels like taking a warm bubble bath after a long day of sheer hard work: totally relaxing, calming and nourishing. Every hour that I spend talking to Naho is filled with so much joy, laughter and an overwhelming feeling of ease. It is like hearing your inner truth and finally allowing yourself to let go and feel the simplicity and beauty of life.

Time is flying by when I talk to Naho, she already feels very close to me even though we only spent a few hours talking to each other. It feels like I am finally able to fully open up and show every bit of myself without being judged. To me talking with Naho is love and freedom.

I spent 3-4 years listening to different non-duality speakers – like T.P, J.N, R.S, R.L, L.C, R.S, W.L, P.H and R.R. I even took private sessions with some of them before I found Naho, but these sessions mostly remained a one-time-thing. When I started talking to Naho, something felt different. I like the clarity and ease in her words, combined with this compassion and love. What I like most about her approach is that she somehow manages to NEVER make me feel like I did anything wrong or I should change something or do something differently. She is very clear that none of the actions are done by ME and, for whatever reason, I love hearing that.

I have booked severals sessions with Naho just because I can’t get enough of it.
It is the highlight of my week and the best hour of my day when I talk to Naho.